about hillary


hillary at haiku i do

I am a visual artist from Fairview, N.C. I grew up in the upstate of SC & I have lived in WNC since 1997. I got my degrees from Appalachian State University. I obtained a BS in Art Management & a BFA in Studio Art concentrating on painting & metalsmithing.  I am the mother of 2 amazing girls, Foster 11 years old & Sydney 4 years old.  I am endlessly inspired by my natural surroundings in the WNC mountains. I paint & draw images of scenes studying animals, people & landscapes. Exploring a variety of color schemes and exploring compositions that are fantasy inspired scenes keeps me intrigued on a regular basis. I sometimes use my own images in the jewelry designs I create. I enjoy finding ways to make my art accessible to everyone. My art was published in Kakalak 2017 & was shown on HGTV’s Flipping Virgins Season 1. Most recently, I have been painting horse jumps for the 2018 World Equestrian Games. 



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