WLOS Craft Corner: Recycled Crafty Signs!

Materials (use recycled objects or items from around your home)

scrap wood

craft paint

small & large paint brush

optional markers

2 screw eyes

ribbon or string


Find some scrap wood or a surface that is good to make your sign. For example, we will make an “OPEN” sign for a door. Paint the wood with your craft paint to get a good solid coat and make sure you have it fully painted. After it dries, use your smaller brushes to paint the word OPEN (you can also use a stencil). Decorate your sign as much as you want then screw in two screw eyes equal distances apart from the top ends. Once your screw eyes are in place, then use your ribbon or string. Tie the string ends to the two screw eyes. You will have an OPEN sign. Flip it over and do the same on the other side, except write “CLOSED”. Now, you have double-sided sign.
Read More at: http://wlos.com/shared/community/features/craft-corner/stories/wlos_craft-signs-312.shtml


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